Ending Silence

Tired of feeling helpless? If you knew how to assess a person for suicide, you might be the one saving a family member, a friend at school, a co-worker, a neighbor, or even a church member. Know your stance and how to strike when the moment is right by arming yourself through this hands on interactive seminar. Ending Silence does an intense hands on seminar to help youth, their parents, and other adults be able to assess when a person is seriously considering taking their life. The purpose is not to learn how to counsel someone but to get someone “safe for now” and the professional help they might need. In addition we will have a breakout session for the adults to help them understand what is going on in that brain from ages 15-26.  The seminar is typically designed to be a one day seminar from 8:30am-5:30pm with a short lunch break at noon, but can be divided into two 1/2 day trainings as well.


Crosby Kitchen, India

In India, Dan Crosby helps sponsor a kitchen to feed 50+ orphans and poor children every day for lunch.  These children are getting sick because they do not have proper food and nutrition. Any extra food left over from that days preparation will feed the elderly and poor on the roadside who don’t have shelter or food. The cost to feed these 50 +children healthy food with proteins, vegetables, whole grains, fruit, and dairy is $450 each month or $5,400 for the year.